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currents of modern thought

Sep 27, 1993 01:39 PM
by eldon

It is interesting to read Don's views on Theosophy, because it
shows the diversity of thought among our participants and the
freedom of self-expression that we are trying to promote.

Following are my thoughts after reading part II of his message.


We all have our own personal world views, thought models of what
life is all about, and they are built about what we feel is truly
important to us.

I can see some simplified version of Theosophy, which could be
called "theosophy lite", become interblended with popular thought
and have its moment in history. I personally prefer to study the
more-complete version, something that is not really suited for
the general public.

The radical material progress made in the past few hundred years
is not a new evolution; the individuals in humanity have not
themselves changed. There are a lot of different experiences of
life that we are exposed to, and the present is not a linear or
expodential growth along a steady line of progress, it is a
temporary phase. It's important to not confuse a temporary
change in outer circumstances with inner growth and evolution.
The outer world is about as real and lasting as a soap bubble.

The succession of teaching from Blavatsky was something of an
experiment by the Masters. Some of what they expressed may reveal
direct hints at, and provide the thought atmosphere of, when
contemplated, of fragements of a wisdom that transcends what is
commonly knowable.

The cyclic sweep of events in the life of humanity follows a
certain course through the ages. Humanity is looked over and
cared for. But the fashion of the moment, be that moment one
month or 1000 years, does not represent an evolutionary change.
The sweep of evolution embraces a far vaster time that anything
we can conceive.

Keeping up with the progress of the human lifewave is no mean
feat! Many will have dropped out before all seven rounds are done.
The year-to-year turbulance in human affairs, though, is but like
a few waves on the ocean, and not the coming in or out of the tide

The bickering and in-fighting in theosophical groups comes from
the mistaking of the outer shell or crust of Theosophy for the
reality behind the words. I would, from my personal view, make a
strong assertion that there *is* a special reality behind the
words and ideas that you first encounter when reading the books,
and that it is possible to experience it. And that experience
cannot be passed on with a written or spoken communication.

The value I find in Theosophy comes from what I find *within* it,
and not from the dead letter of the words or mannerisms of how
it was written. I realize that all I can do is to say to look,
that there's something here to be found, and if someone else sees
nothing there, it's entirely up to them to look or not as they
please. But at the same time, no one can deny me my experience
because they have not had one and themselves see nothing there.

It is important to not be swept along by the currents of popular
thought, even along New Age lines, but seek out that timeless,
eternal, unchanging source of wisdom within.

                                 Eldon Tucker

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