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Re: Open mindness, Doctrines, Dogmas and Hashish

Sep 25, 1993 09:14 AM
by John Mead

To Jerry H-E

Thank you for your input!

Your points/observations regarding the differences between
Doctrine and Dogma are well stated and well received.
I can easily agree with you on this, as long as the distinctions
are sharply and easily determined.  However,  if this is not the case
then I would choose (my own opinion) to remove the item in question
by declaring that it must be treated as a Dogma until proved
otherwise.  Of course,  because acceptance of even a Doctrine is
optional to the student (in all cases),  then the distinction
between the two seems be of only an academisc interest??
In any case...  I agree with your distinctions!

Peace --

John Mead

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