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CBS Broadcast of Parliament - Local Option

Sep 25, 1993 08:59 AM
by John Mead

The Fieldwork Dept at Wheaton (TS/Adyar) has asked that the following
be spread to stimulate a local response within each community.
I have paraphrased my brief phone conversation into the note below,
and wish all to freely distribute it as they choose.

John Mead

News Announcement:

CBS has created a documentary on The Parliament of World Religions
which was held in Chicago the first week of September 1993.

The Documentary is titled "The Gathering of the Faithful"
and is listed as "recommended" viewing of Oct. 3, 1993 10pm.
However, each station is free to choose the local broadcast time
and date (and even free to choose to NOT show the documentary).

It is encouraged that people call their local CBS broadcast
affiliate and encourage them to broadcast this documentary in
a local Prime-Time slot.

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