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Re: More what is theosophy?

Sep 21, 1993 08:59 AM
by Grenier, Michael W.

Don writes:
> Personally, as is obvious from my previous statements, I favor
> Sarah's attitude, which is the attitude of the relativity of ideas.

I'm somewhere in the middle of this one. The key here is to
realize that the length of time that the idea (Theosophical truth)
is relevent is quite long. Theosophy describes teachings that deal
with the inner (and outer) natures of mankind and life in general.

As a human being, we:
   1) Are born (are given physical bodies)
   2) We breathe
   3) We eat
   4) we die (our bodies anyway)

These above basic truths are relevent for a very long period of time
in the evolution of humanity. Likewise, Theosophical truths are as well.

    -Mike Grenier

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