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our discussions

Sep 21, 1993 08:54 AM
by eldon

I would just like to comment that this discussion group should prove
helpful to all of us. We naturally tend to associate with people of like
belief, and do not get much exposure to other points of view. This is
especially true of Theosophy, where organizations in the past won't even
tell you that there are other theosophical groups. By having an open
forum that is not subject to the censorship and control that magazines
and newsletters are normally subject to, we can exchange ideas that
cross organizational boundaries.

For myself, I have continual exposure to many points of view on
Theosophy.  My wife, Brenda, is (from my point of view) primarily in the
Besant/Leadbeater school of thought, and we do not always agree on what
we discuss. But I try to not be intolerate of the beliefs of others.
Although I would not choose to practice it, we were married by a Liberal
Catholic priest and our daughter baptized by another. And I feel just as
free to do volunteer theosophical work for an Adyar group as for a Point
Loma, ULT, or independent group.

                                        Eldon Tucker

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