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Sep 06, 1993 09:34 AM
by can

Dear Theos-l folk,
I just joined this discussion group and thought I'd introduce
myself: D. Kim Titchenell, member of T.S. Pasadena.  I was
involved with a theosophic electronic conference on IGC
(Institute for Global Communications (peacenet)) which has
gradually gone fallow.  The conference does still exist and still
contains all postings.  As Jerry Schueler is already a member of
this list you may have heard it mentioned (Hi, Jerry).

I noticed some discussion on the subject of advertising the list
and thought I'd throw in a couple of ideas.  I have sought
unsuccessfully for the word "Theosophy" using a number of internet
resources and found virtually nothing.  I think that the most
important visibility this list could have is inclusion in indices
that would enable people seeking specifically for theosophy to
find it.  This could be accomplished in most cases by sending a
message to those entities responsible for indices and searching

There was a very interesting message posted by Donald J. Degracia
mentioning the possibility of a compuserve forum or a theosophic
section of the existing new-age forum.  I do subscribe to
compuserve but feel it would be unfortunate if non-subscribers
were excluded from participation.  There can be a danger in high-
visibility theosophy, one problem can be the extreme acrimony
likely to be evoked from some fundamentalist sources and the
tendency to be vilified (undeservedly) together with other non-
theosophic systems.  I don't mean to discourage the idea, just to
mention some problems that friends of mine encountered when
discussing theosophy on Prodigy.

I was very glad to hear of this discussion list and hope it is
successful.  In a sense it is ideal in that it is universally
available (given an e-mail account) and unstructured.  If a forum
structure is desired, perhaps a Usenet conference should be

Best wishes for success in the venture.

PS: Eldon's suggestions hit the mark re: internet references for the

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