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CIS forum.

Sep 05, 1993 06:50 PM
by John Mead

Hi --

CIS seemed more than happy to start a Theosophy Forum.  I think
the difficulty (ala Rilla's comments) is if you are in it for money.
If you let CIS keep all the money,  they get alot friendlier.

also --- if the Theosophy *section* is successfull then
Neil may convert it to a forum (and the theosophy forum
would be run by people who are not really interested in Theosophy).
Not sure if this is a problem.??

Most Public BBS's will  let you start a forum.

Peace --

John Mead

p.s.  last time I (and George Snoddy) mentioned a TS section
(to Rilla) in the NewAge forum we were received very coldly.
I wonder what changed her mind??  It is rathe curious.

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