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Don to Judy

Sep 03, 1993 10:27 AM
by Donald J. Degracia

Judy (and all too!):

First off, thank you for the reply.

<It seems we are so new we ought to get our sea legs
before we "blast it off into cyberspace.">

No question we are still getting the mechanics of the list

Speaking of which:
John, do we have any archive services?

< Maybe "cyperspace" needs to know more about theosophy in
general first? >

I don't know exactly what you mean here.

At any rate, the idea behind advertising our list here is that
we would likely attract others with a similar interest. There is just
so much going on out here in the internet that I doubt if people not
interested would come into the list.

Myself, I am quite interested in making known that the list exists to
the internet community for the following reasons. First, we would likely
attract others who know the internet well, which would help those of us
who don't, such as what John Mead and Mike Grenier have been doing.
And secondly, and to me most importantly, I suspect we would attract
some very bright people to the list which would, of course, continue to
enhance what goes on here.  I suspect we wouldn't attract the internet
"rabble" just because our group is so specialized and also because our
list is outside of the main internet streams such as the Usenet groups.

Posting in compuserve would be good because my expereince there is that
people are bright and friendly too.

Mainly, however, I am just trying to think of ways to get the list
better known. I am quite enthusiastic about using the computer as a
means for communication and I think we have a tremendous opportunity
here to spread theosophical ideas to a much wider base of people.

So, there is some of my motivation behind wanting to advertise our list.

Lets continue to collect opinions and see what kind of a consensus
we can come to about this issue.

Again, Judy, thanks for responding.

Best to you and everyone else.


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