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TS formal study group --

Sep 02, 1993 02:52 PM
by John Mead

Forwarded message:
> From:
> It would be good if you could sent me a copy of the earlier
> email to the discussion group.
> ----
> There are a number of rules and procedures related to having
> a membership in a single branch/study center at a time in the
> Theosophical Society in America. I'm somewhat familiar with
> them since I've implemented them for the Membership Deparment.
> For about six years I've provided and supported the software
> (in dbase) for the Membership Department, and produced  a large
> number of graphics, charts, and spreadsheets in Excel for the
> annual board meeting.
> The few points that I recall at this moment are:
> 1. If you are a member of a Branch or Study Center, you are
>    in the district that it resides for voting purposes.
> 2. If you are a member-at-large, you are in the distruct that
>    you live in, and if you live outside the USA, you are
>    in an "Unassigned District".
> 3. To be an official officer of a group, you must be a member
>    of it.
> Various database tables, reports, and tracking of information
> are based upon these (and other) assumptions. The database
> would need some redesign and various reports and programs
> modified to support any changes.
> Say we track receipts and membership counts by group and/or
> national section. If you belong to multiple groups, do we
> track you as 50% or 33% of a member etc. in the different
> groups?
> The National Secretary would have to (probably with Board
> approval) decides the changes and works out how they would
> be implemented.
> Which group you belong to is something of a formality. Anyone
> can belong to a "project", so if you call the internet group
> a "project" it does not affect affiliation elsewhere. If you
> were a formal TSA group, you could not have a full members
> anyone not a member of the TSA. Are non-TSA members given
> full voting and leadership rights with everyone else? If so,
> then you would be more of an independent theosophical group.
> ----
> Is the creation of a list a special service that you've arranged
> with your local internet provider, or is it something that anyone
> on internet can set up?
>                                       Eldon Tucker

Hi --

I've forwarded this message fron Eldon (with permission).
I think we have two people (Don D. and Mike G.) who are not
affiliated with another study group.   George Snoddy had to
drop out (time constraints) but plans to be back later.  He was a
third possibility, now removed.

If we can get another person,  we can proceed with a formal
request for organizing to National.

I think we should do this,  since the National headquarters
will (probably -- my guess) move us up the priority
list if we are actually a recognized group.
This is a call for any others who are not affiliated
(Member at large) to please respond!

Thanks --

John Mead

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