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Michael Meyers & Dane Rudhyar

Aug 19, 1993 08:26 PM
by Donald DeGracia


Hello! What a privalage to have you around! I'm a great admirer or
Rudhyar's works.  As a matter of fact, I've recently written a book in
which Rudhyar and his teachings plays a key role.  I am presently
working on a second book about the relevance of occultism towards the
social sciences, also in which Rudhyar's ideas play a central and key

I agree completely, not only that Rudhyar was a <great hidden "Raja
Stars" of the Theosophical Movement during the 20th Century.  >, but to
this I would append that Rudhyar was one of the truely great intellects
of the 20th century.  I place his works at the very top of the great
intellectual achievements of this century.  I feel that Rudhayr has
been sorely under-recognized and it is my intent to help spread his
ideas.  For I feel the relevance of his thinking has only continued to

And as well, I'm assuming that you are the author of the book "A
Handbook For The Humanistic Astrologer".  If so, then I congratulate
you on an excellent work.  I use this book often as I continue to study
and learn Humanistic Astrology.

Boy! It must have been exciting to know Rudhyar.  Believe it or not, I
met him a few months ago in a dream.  Strange as it sounds, I'm telling
the God honest truth.  In the dream I asked him if I could study under
him and he invited me out to California to study with him! Apparently
his soul is still quite active out on the planes.  I consider this
dream to have been a great privilage and I cherish the memroy greatly.

Well, I hope we can get into exploring Rudhyar's ideas here in the
electronic group.  I'll look forward to your insights and

All my best to you,
Don DeGracia.

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