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Parliament of Religions info

Aug 13, 1993 11:18 AM
by John Mead

General Info on the
1993 Parliament of the World's Religions
(Sat, Aug 28 --> Sat. Sept 4)

General Info (& Registration)

Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions
105 West Adams Street, Suite 800
P.O. Box 1630
Chicago, Illinois  60690
312-629-2991 (fax)

(Family) Full Registration $500
(1-Person) Full Registration  $350

also available per individual:
Three Day (any consecutive three days) $200
One Day $75
(Minors are 1/2 price)

Hotel and meals are Extra

America Airlines is offering a 10% discount on Air Fares
(5% off for Super Saver Fares)
(Am Air  800-433-1790  give Star file #S-0283KI)

Palmer House Hilton Hotel ($78/night per room; max 4-persons/room)
or 1-312-726-7500

Plenary Sessions

Sat Afternoon:  Opening Ceremony   (invocation is Native American)
Sat. Evening: Interfaith Understanding
sacred dance; Panel responses from:Buddhist, Hindu, Christian,
Muslim, Baha'i, Chinese, Zoroastrian, Morman, etc.)

Sun. afternoon  "What shall we do" based on  "Global 2000 Revisited"
Sun. evening: "Call to Action"  Common Meal, japanese Tea
Sun Evening: Visions of Paradise and Possibility
Images, Visions, and Passages from various sacred texts

Mon. morning  Voices from the Boundaries
depth of need is matched by the wealth of wisdom and inspiration
from global cultures.
Mon. afternoon  Voices of Spirit and Tradition
glimpses of wisdom through music, dance, visual art,
poetry, literature; focus on unity and diversity and interfaith
Mon. evening    From Vision to Action
various religious leaders facilitate a process of orientation for
thought and action.

Tuesday Morning  The Inner Life
Presentation from four honored speakers

Wed. evening  The inner Life and Life in the Community
Invocation by Mother Theresa. Various speakers known for their
community work.

Friday evening  The next generation
Youth Representatives from various organizations
Videos, readings, performances, panel discussion etc.

Sat. Afternoon  Closing Plenary
closing ceremony and address by the Dalai Lama


Many talks, workshops, panels, seminars, demonstrations  etc
are also ongoing.  There are 3 pages of fine print (both sides)
which list titles and speakers (i.e.  hundreds,
too numerous to mention).

The above is brief,  and does not do justice to the

John Mead

p.s. The TS is well represented in many sessions

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