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Don's Help file (Windows)

Aug 13, 1993 10:10 AM
by John Mead

Don -

I was glad to get your message on the list.  I hope that our computer
problems here are behind us.  Some people in Charlotte are calling it
"The Great Charlotte Crash of '93".

I think that adding the Wheaton address, 800 number, and the Theos-l
Internet address would be appropriate (also be sure to give yourself
authorship credit!).

I was thinking that a series of these computer introduction "Help"
files would be good.  Somewhat like a Study guide series on major
aspects of Theosophy.  I mentioned this to Nathan (FieldWork) at
Wheaton, and he seemed to think it might a good idea to follow up on.
Of course, Don could not do all of the work...  Perhaps we could break
into subgroups (or something)?

I'm going to ssend out some stuff on the Parliament today (per Mike's

Peace -

John Mead

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