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general stuff...

Aug 10, 1993 04:02 PM
by John Mead

Hi -

a couple of quick notes...

(regarding Don's Windows Help file)
I talked to some people at Wheaton today, and found out John Algeo is
in Denver.  That means he will probably get comments out to Don when he
returns (regarding the Windows Help file).  The field office hopes to
get out some feedback by the weekend.

Mike - I sent you a uuencoded file of the preliminary Help routine just
before we had the computer problems.  Did you get it? the system here
might have eaten it?

Take Care -

John Mead

p.s.  By the time you get this message, I think the Theos-L server will
be fully debugged.  They apparantly installed a new version of the
server while they were down (too).

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