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Bio for Tom McFarlane

Jul 27, 1993 10:29 PM
by Thomas J. McFarlane


I heard about this list and the approach of theosophy interests me
so I thought I'd lurk a bit and see what's up here.  Since it's such
a small group, even a lurker like me gets noticed!

My name is Tom McFarlane.  I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and am
now living in Seattle.  I have a BS in Physics (Stanford, 1988) and
will take a MS in Mathematics next year here at the University of
Washington.  As John Mead mentioned, I'm active in the bridge-l
list that was created earlier this year.  It's purpose is to discuss
issues and questions relating to the idea that there is a truth
common to all spiritual traditions.  Some of you may be interested
in lurking there, as a matter of fact.  As far as my personal path
is concerned, I don't identify myself with any particular religious
creed, or, if you prefer, I identify myself with them all--at least
the universal principles that I see expressed in them all.  But I
do have my personal leanings, of course.  I'm kind of a philosophical
kind of guy (which John no doubt has noticed from my posts on bridge)
and really get inspired by stuff like Nagarjuna, Shankara, Plato,
Pythagoras, and (if you know these more contemporary folks) Simone
Weil, Franklin Merrell-Wolff, G. Spencer-Brown.

Regards to you all,
Tom McFarlane

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