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Electronic Theosophical Study Group - potpouri

Jul 27, 1993 09:54 PM
by Leonard E. Cole

I'm having a difficult time keeping up with this "live-wire" group.  Just
when I am about ready to comment on something appearing in this stream of
communication, something breaks down at my home requiring immediate
attention, and taking me "off-line" for awhile.  So now, finally, I will
try to comment on a few things that have popped up in the messages during
the past 10 days or so.  I apologize for the disorganized pattern.  I am
referring to my notes made on the e-mail messages in roughly chronological

John, regarding a suggested group name, I suggest "Electronic Theosophical
Study Group."  Even though you said it "sounds boring" it is descriptive
of the group that seems to be developing.  Of course by the time I view
all my e-mail, I may find you have progressed beyond this point.

Is anyone else having difficulty reading Don DeGracia's messages on
screen?  On my screen, the text runs far beyond the right margin and I
must print the message in condensed font on my printer before I can read
it.  Don's messages are the only ones that affect my screen this way.

Don, you asked about a description of the meaning of the symbols in TS'
seal.  I recall seeing a small pamphlet that covered this topic.  If you
are a TSA member, you could no doubt locate this pamphlet in the TSA
Library.  Call Librarian Elisabeth Trumpler, or a member of the Library
staff, at 1-800-669-1571.

John, re: establishing an officially recognized study center, I vote yes.
I called TSA National Secretary Diane Eisenberg July 27 and asked some
general questions about forming study centers without mentioning this one
specifically.  We only need to specify a Secretary (person in charge) and
have a minimum of 3 members.  All recorded members of the study group must
be TSA members, but anyone can participate as a "guest" or "visitor."  I
didn't ask about dual membership in other study centers or branches, but I
think this is prohibited under the general rules.  Of course, we have a
unique situation which wasn't anticipated when the rules were made.  We
can ask for a waiver of the rules for our unique situation.  Since you
have been serving admirably as "Secretary" since inception of this group,
may I nominate you as the official "Secretary"?  Come on, gang, let's
elect him by acclamation.

John, I don't see an issue of conflict of interest as you suggested.  We
all, individually, commit our time where we have the most interest, and,
as long as it is all to the betterment of service to humanity, what
difference does it make where it is channelled as long as we honor all
the commitments we have made.  On the issue of voting, we can only vote
as individual members anyway, not as delegates representing
organizational units, and TSA Headquarters has good controls on this for
national elections.

In summary, we only need to ask for an exception to the rule regarding
dual membership.  Since participation in the electronic study group
crosses geographical boundaries and would not create any administrative
conflicts in local branches or study centers, we have a reasonable basis
for reqesting approval.

Regarding future proposals for TSA Headquarters' use of electronic media,
I nominate several data bases as applications for onlin access:
membership data, library catalog, publishing house booklist, and
lecturers' program topics and itineraries.  The City of Berkeley,
California, Public Library has its catalog online along with an
information network data bank.  It is fantastic.  John, you might find it
useful to call Ruben Cabigting (Olcott's computer whiz) at 1-800-669-1571
and exchange ideas.

I hope this has been helpful.

Peace to all,

leonard e cole   71664,3642 (compuserve)
Berkeley, CA  510-527-2110 (voice)

p.s.  John, what does "+Postage Due+" in message subjects mean?  Should I
be sharing in the cost of this operation?  I am rather ignorant about how
this whole thing operates, so if I am remiss in not bearing my share of the
load, just say so directly.

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