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Re: Is the Third Objective Collecting Dust?

Dec 30, 1999 01:26 PM
by Murray Stentiford


> Yes. And I have done all of mine from outside the TS as well.

I think it helps if people remember that the "latent powers" are
*everything* that we, as conscious beings, can potentially do, including
all kinds of perception and all kinds of action. Not just those things that
people at this particular point in history call magic (I'm not taking a
shot at your use of the word, here).

So if we think of the powers of compassion, creativity, insight,
identification with the One, building structures in matter (whatever
plane), moving energy, healing, .... it really covers everything, simply
because, as HPB says, we are offspring of, deeply rooted in, the One
ultimate creative agency.

>There aught to be a way of investigating the third objective
>without making a TS into a "hall of Magic" but apparently no one
>yet has been able to think of one.

Yes - it depends on the quality of intention of the people concerned, what
they really have their sights set on. I hope that the general ratio of
desire to be of service versus the desire to feel powerful in a self-ish
way has increased a bit since the TS was formed, for in that trend will lie
the possibility of realising the 3rd Object. I like to think there are a
few around now who have the balance, dedication and enthusiasm to do
something definite about it. Even in the TS :)


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