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Re: Is the Third Objective Collecting Dust?

Dec 29, 1999 08:10 PM
by Gerald Schueler

>> He should therefore study to
develop his latent powers, and inform himself respecting the laws of
magnetism, electricity and all other forms of force, whether of the seen or
unseen universes.
-----end of quote-----
> Blavatsky is said to have written this part of the pamphlet, so there it
> is, from the horse's mouth.
> There are people doing psychic archaeology and umpteen other things these
> days - all outside the TS, as far as I know.
> Murray

Yes. And I have done all of mine from outside the TS as well.
There aught to be a way of investigating the third objective
without making a TS into a "hall of Magic" but apparently no one
yet has been able to think of one.

Jerry S.

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