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Re: theos-l digest: December 15, 1999

Dec 29, 1999 07:24 PM
by JRC

> > 'Course neither her original assumptions, nor her
> > means of adjusting them, have much to do with me as an actual human
> > being seperate from her internal pictures ... but who cares?
> JRC cares, by the look of it.  And so does Maureen, by the look of it.

Tell you the absolute truth ... I really don't really care - except that its
been a hoot to play these little games ... and no one seems to be in a mood
to talk about anything more substantial just now. Hard to believe it is
actually taken seriously.

> End of public thread, please?  By all means slag each other off via
> private e-mail.
> As you say John, we all know how to use the delete button, and as I
> see this discussion going nowhere and, IMO, as being of little value
> to the list, maybe that's what I'll have to do.  I already skip most
> of these posts as it is.

Hell Alan - I pretty much figured no one other than Maureen was reading
them. I *am* sorry to have involved you ... was just playing along with the
little "third person" dance, and figured you'd be grinning as broadly as I
am when I write such stuff. Anyone that wants to take shots at me on a
public list *will* be answered publically ... but I will not involve you
again by name in any such tomfoolery. -JRC

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