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Re: theos-l digest: December 15, 1999

Dec 29, 1999 08:48 AM
by Maureen Fitzgerald

On 12/28/99, ""ambain" <>" wrote:

> ----- Original Message -----
> > On 12/27/99, ""ambain" <>" wrote:
> > >
> > > Please stop it, you two!
> > >
> > > Alan :-(
> > >
> >
> > Already stopped.  I'll do a crossword puzzle instead... Maureen
> >
> Many thanks!
> Alan :0)

Alan- So long as you know stopping was my decision. As much as I would like
to make you happy, I can't pretend otherwise.  The point is, if I'm going
to play word games it may as well accomplish something, teach me something.
Your pal there is so far into denial there is not much reason to make an
effort.  I've seen it time after time.  Doesn't matter who addresses him,
he just takes the words and throws them back.  That's all it is- words,
words, words. Words that say nothing. He uses words to build a wall.  Takes
your words, paraphrases a little, and tosses them right on back.  Really
tough feat.  He won't address the issue, the content (with women anyway.)
What will be next- he'll start to diagram the damn sentences?  As far as
I'm concerned, all this "arguing a point" stuff he gets caught up in
deflects from what I thought was supposed to be happening here.
Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Fellowship and so forth can result when people are
able to find common ground and find ways to cooperate.  Tension arises
naturally on its own.  There is no need to seek it out. When it arises, you
work it out.  But to intentionally create it to jump-start a jolly good
argument?  What does that accomplish?  An opportunity for aggressive macho
posturing?  (And what do you bet he jumps all over that Brotherhood,
Sisterhood thing?  Thus evading the REAL issue where he is concerned.)

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