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Re: Membership decline

Dec 27, 1999 02:51 PM
by ramadoss

At 02:35 PM 12/27/1999 -0800, JRC wrote:
>Of course a matter of opinion. Many people analyzed the changes - many,
>including attorneys who fully understood all the legal ramifications of
>the change, were deeply troubled.

The whole question of bylaws change was done in secrecy and with no input
from any of the membership or lodge officers. When I got wind of something
in the works, I wrote to Wheaton if any changes are planned to be put up at
the annual meeting, I got a response questioning if I am not trusting TSA.

This seems to be due to touching a nerve at the highest levels at TSA. All
they had to tell me that a committee is working on it and as usual they did
not want to address the issue directly and simply.

Some months later the changes were published. Again no input from anyone in
the membership or lodges. The attitude looked as if the membership is dumb
enough to understand the complexity or the membership believing in the
hierarchical structure should blindly accept anything the hierarchy proposes.

The Boston issue is only just a red herring to deflect any questions.

But for this maillist which is not controlled or controllable by anyone in
the hierarchy, no one would have known anything other than the official
sanitized version put out for the consumption of gullible membership who
have no other means of knowing any additional information. The hierarchy
has thrived on controlling the dispersion of information for a long time
until the advent of internet.


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