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Re: Membership decline

Dec 27, 1999 02:34 PM
by ramadoss

At 02:35 PM 12/27/1999 -0800, JRC wrote:
>Wheaton doesn't buy buildings for Lodges.

Leave along buying buildings.

Years ago, when a lodge had a potential problem with local authorities for
violating local ordinances related to regular meetings being held at the
home of a member, they sought guidance from Wheaton. In response, the lodge
was told to contact me (as I had some background in some of the business
matters) because my services are free -- I have never taken a penny for any
work related to theosophy.

When I found that the situation needs immediate local expertise, I
suggested that the lodge should consult a local attorney familiar with
enforcement of local ordinances (in most localities enforcement varies
widely between what is in the books and what is actually enforced) and
since the lodge was very small and did not seem to have the funds of a
couple of hundred dollars to pay the attorney, I suggested that the lodge
approach Wheaton for financial help.

To my surprise I got an official letter from TSA that it is the official
policy of TSA not to give money for such things and hence I should not make
such recommondation in the future.

Of course I wrote them back telling that they are in no position to tell me
what I should and should not recommend and I call the shots as I see them.
(I am not obligated to listen to anyone except myself in all matters of
personal and business.) Of course, I had no more referrals from Wheaton.

This indicated what appears to be a long held policy Wheaton policy towards
Lodges -- Give me, give me, give me, give me............

and do not expect any financial help from Wheaton even if a lodge in in
serious trouble.

Wheaton appears to be interested in their own financial welfare and not
that of any lodge unless they can get some funds from the lodges. Give me,
give me, give me, .........

Does anyone has any info on what their written/unwritten policies?
Interesting to know. If anyone can prove otherwise than the above
interpretation, it would do a lot of good and I would surely stand corrected.

With the above policy, membership decline should be highly welcome,
especially in lodges which have valuable properties since they will
ultimately end up in the TSA coffers and then can be spent on their pet
theosophy projects.


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