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Re: theos-l digest: December 15, 1999

Dec 27, 1999 03:33 PM
by Maureen Fitzgerald

On 12/27/99, ""JRC" <>" wrote:
> > Just so you know you're not let off the hook that easy, but for today
> we'll
> > let it pass!
> Um, have no idea what this means - save that you apparently believe you
> have some sort of decision making power over whether I'm on or off a
> "hook". If you desire to hold such a picture in your head you're
> certainly welcome to ... but the knowledge that you are doing so is
> unlikely to have much of an effect on me. But I hope letting me off the
> hook you apparently had me on has given you some joy in this holiday
> season? -JRC

Hmmm, and I had thought you *wanted* shoving, guess I was way off on that
one.  I'll let you be, then.

End of thread... Maureen

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