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Dec 24, 1999 09:37 PM
by ramadoss

As we enter the next millennium, and the gradual steady decline in the TS,
I ran into an interesting statement from HPB:

Theosophy, Madame Blavatsky writes, is the friend and supporter of
scientific inquiry, so long as scientists avoid dogmatizing in the domains
of psychology and metaphysics. It is also allied with every effort to
understand the manifestations of the Divine Principle. True to its motto,
"There is no Religion higher than Truth," the Society was conceived as a
vehicle for the exercise of absolute religious freedom:

"Born in the United States of America, the Society was constituted on the
model of its Mother Land. The latter, omitting the name of God from its
constitution lest it should afford a pretext one day to make a state
religion, gives absolute equality to all religions in its laws. All support
and each is in turn protected by the State. The Society,  modelled upon
this constitution, may fairly be termed a "Republic of Conscience."


Today, United States with its sound constitution and democratic system of
government, as the system evolved, has demanded all and everyone seeking
any elected office to be put under a microscope and all past and present
actions are open to widest criticism no matter how personal and private the
matter may be. The system is demanding to know everything about its
candidates' past and present, no matter how ugly, distasteful or beautiful
they are.

So when anyone critiques anyone in the leadership or anyone aspiring for
leadership, it is fair game and one has to put up with.


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