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Re: A nice quote

Dec 20, 1999 05:17 AM
by ramadoss

Thanks Bro Arnaldo.

Recently I heard of a man in India who, propelled with helping the needy in
a remote village, has retired to that place and volunteers full time. His
son who is now in the USA, wanted him to visit him in the US. The father
told the son to send him the money that would have been spent in airfare so
that the money could be better spent in the small village. Here was a man
who saw a more effective way of using the money.


At 10:16 AM 12/20/1999 -0200, you wrote:
>Thanks brother Ramadoss. Really a nice quote.

Yes, I do agree it is something to think about,
particularly in this period of Christmas and passage
to the New Year. So many artificial things going on,
and the spirit of sacrifice, which seems to be the
essence of that Christ-Jesus life, is so often not
even given consideration. May we avoid artificial
comemorations, and give real reflexion and serious
grateful reverence to Him  whose life is the mark
for this era.


> From: <>
"...the undersigned [HPB] accepts for her views and walk in life
no authority dead or living, no system of philosophy or religion
but one--namely, the esoteric teachings of ethics and philosophy
of those she calls "MASTERS"...Nothing of that which is conducive
to help man, collectively or individually to live--not
"happily"--but less "unhappily" in this world, ought to be
indifferent to the Theosophist-Occultist...
his first duty is to be ever ready to help if he can,
without stopping to philosophize..."
FOR OUR FELLOW MEN?  October 1889
HPB Articles I, pp. 459-60.
Something to think about.

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