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Re: JRC- in from the cold, but quickly getting hotter

Dec 16, 1999 04:57 PM
by JRC

If one may not idealize, at least the Masters, who then might
> one idealize ?!

Idealizing has a nasty habit of elevating positives traits to a degree
that they've never existed in anyone, and blurring, even completely
blinding people, to negative traits that exist in bushels. Your post
seemed to be implying that instead of stirring things up, one ought to
be serious and sober ... not blast away at people. I was simply saying
that if that was the case, then neither the Masters, nor especially HPB,
would meet the criteria. And that if you thought they *did* then you
were clearly idealizing them into something that the evidence does not
support. Perhaps you were not saying this. If not, I apologize ... I had
mistaken you (especially since the single book you suggested I read was
the Cranston one) for one of those many Theosophists that have made the
Masters into Gods, and HPB into a saint. They aren't, and never claimed
to be. She wasn't, and vehemently resisted the efforts of people to make
her into one. You *seemed* to be suggesting that I in some way alter my
approach, attitudes, or behavior in some way, and *seemed* to be trying
to use HPB as a demonstration of your point. I was simply trying to say
that I thought the picture you were painting of her was certainly not
what a full view of the historical evidence suggested ... and even
further, that (believe it or not) I actually intend, in my own way, to
do a bit of service during this life. And that what appears on the
surface to be things you may suggest I think about, or change, may
actually be a carefully chosen persona designed to serve in the way I've
chosen to serve. -JRC

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