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Re: theos-l digest: December 15, 1999

Dec 16, 1999 00:18 AM
by kymsmith

Maureen wrote:

>For example- Saying the most with the least.  I will
>always love this exchange between Bart and Doss:
>Doss:  Do you see the annointment of K as the New World Teacher a failure?
>Bart:  Well, K certainly did.  (It only took Bart four words to sum it up.
>that's good!)

I don't think that the Bart that's on this list now is the same Bart that
has been on for the last few years.  An imposter, I suspect, maybe an alien
takeover or something.  This Bart certainly has come up with some lively
retorts!  And some of them even managed to be factually-based, as well.  I
just can't figure it.

>And we definitely should have a funniest knee-jerk reaction category (I will
>never forget the now-famous Ha! posting)

E-mail does take fun out of some things.  I almost wish that this list had
those camera dealy-bobbers, where, instead of writing we are speaking with
our faces all up close to the screen and distorted-like.  It would have
been too cool to see JRC's knee come shooting up in front of the camera -
oh, and then see him try to pretend it didn't happen.  He'd say something
like "Oh, whoa man, the leg of my chair just snapped, good thing I was fast
and agile and 007 enough to catch myself from tumbling to the ground. .
.Now you all just go on with what you were sayin'."

>Let me know what you think.  We could have some real fun with this.  Or is

Well. . .some of us could really take this ball and run with it, you know?


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