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Re: theos-l digest: December 14, 1999 - Alan

Dec 15, 1999 04:19 PM
by ambain

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> Date: Wednesday, December 15, 1999 7:37 AM
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> Subject: theos-l digest: December 14, 1999 - Alan

Kym wrote:

> Perhaps my position of attempting to look at humans in a postive light
> naive and even stupid -  I am hoping against hope, it seems.  If after
> this time, it truly is getting worse, then I do not know what to think
> about God, the meaning of life, the point of existence itself.

For what it may be worth, my own "take" on "God" is that God is the
eternity of being, and is ubiquitous.  There is nowhere that God is not.
This, however, requires, of itself, neither a "meaning of life" nor a
"point of (to?) existence."

A meaning of life or a point to existence is something that we, as
humans, *want* to see, as seeing it would make life more bearable.  I
had a point to my existence from 1981 to 1985, which was to write a
book.  I wrote it and self-published it.  In 1989 I issued a Supplement,
having acquired a D.D. for my efforts.  Having finshed it, I was faced
with "what now?"

There is always, for humans, a "what now" which looks for a purpose.  My
cats seem to have a different view, which is, "Hey, what's this?"

If I live to be as old as my father, then I have another 24 years to go.
My guess is that when the time is up, whenever it really is, I won't be
asking ""What now?" but, like the cat, "What's this?"

I think that the single most consistent attribute of humans is the
continuous process of asking questions, right through from neighbourly
gossip to the most complicated scientific research.

For us, as individuals, though, I think there are only clues in this
world, in this life.  Any answers will come in the next, and I don't
mean reincarnation.  There is, I am sure, a hint in the Christian
tradition in 2 Corinthians, Cap. 12, verses 2 to 4.


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