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Re: JRC- in from the cold, but quickly getting hotter

Dec 15, 1999 01:29 PM

   Now my dear sir, Tis true you can say anything, over the net. However,
what you say may effect the minds of others, even if you are "playfully"
trying to get a reaction from others, simply for "da trill of it all"---Meny
believe that H.P.B. was the devoted Chela of the Lodge of Ascended Masters,
and was in constant communication with Them while striving to bring the
Ancient Wisdom Religion into the modern world, unchanged yet in a form
suitable for its comprehension.  This task as well as the position of Chela
DEMANDS sobriety, that is abstinence from any kind of intoxicant----     She
lived only to fulfill her mission, and the behavior you have described would
have    inevitably rendered her useless to the Masters.  This is only logic
and with some thought you will see that what ever you have read along those
lines was patently false.
       I do recommend the book H.P.B. by Sylvia Cranston so you may get a
clearer picture of the life and work of this great woman!


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