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Re: Call me Ms. Gates- Expand the Contest!

Dec 15, 1999 06:21 AM
by Maureen T Fitzgerald

Hi Kym,

On Dec 11 you wrote:

"Choose the weirdest Theos poster."

Hey, I say go beyond the weird.  I mean weird is great, but so are a lot of
other things.  I think we can come up with a lot of categories.  I already have
some personal favorites.   For example- Saying the most with the least.  I will
always love this exchange between Bart and Doss:

Doss:  Do you see the annointment of K as the New World Teacher a failure?

Bart:  Well, K certainly did.  (It only took Bart four words to sum it up.  Now
that's good!)

And we definitely should have a funniest knee-jerk reaction category (I will
never forget the now-famous Ha! posting)

Let me know what you think.  We could have some real fun with this.  Or is that

(Definitely into mischief this time around)

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