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theos-l digest: December 14, 1999 - Alan

Dec 14, 1999 11:37 PM
by kymsmith

Alan wrote:

>Without my wishing to start WWIII with my comments, Hitler's Reich was
>bombing the Sh-t out of us during 1941, and The Land of the Free
>preferred not to "get involved."

I know the faults of America and I do not mean to tout America as a great
or moral nation.  I see the destruction, pain, and suffering and I know
that America stands by while certain countries endure horrendous
persecution.  And, I too, fear greatly the Religious Right in America.  It
is often embarrassing to be an American, and I can understand why those
from other countries on this list feel the way they do about America.
Grigor and Katinka, too, have both expressed anger towards America in
previous posts.  There is every justification for it.

>So, yes, the finger of the wise points towards compassion, but the
>majority of humans still go in other directions.

Perhaps my position of attempting to look at humans in a postive light is
naive and even stupid -  I am hoping against hope, it seems.  If after all
this time, it truly is getting worse, then I do not know what to think
about God, the meaning of life, the point of existence itself.

I guess what it boils down to for me is that I HAVE to believe in that
"spark" of divinity that is said to be within everything - and I am willing
to admit that if I am seeing something that is not there, which may be
true, that I have freely chosen to believe in a false god.

If I lose my hope, I fear I shall die and not just physically.

>I guess that's our next life dumped.

I don't understand what you mean here.  Although I am aware our banter
about the next life scenario is just having fun, my viseral reaction to
your above statement is that I am being "dumped" because I disagreed with
you.  Please tell me I am wrong. . .even if you have to lie.


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