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Re: Some Responses

Dec 14, 1999 05:09 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

	I have noticed that, in particular, in areas of science and philosophy,
much of the TS membership tends to act as if we are still in the 19th
century, with a strong postmodernist anti-science bias, except giving
lip service to a few scientists who seem to toe the 19th century TS
line, and ignoring most philosophers except for those who also toe the
19th century line, like Ken "A Genius in His Own Mind" Wilber, thought
of as rather mediocre in the philosophical community, and ignoring ones
like Prof. David Chalmers, considered to be one of the top philosophers
in the world, and pointing towards new (and not at all bold)
interpretations of the primary literature.

	I think the key is that many TS members take their interpretation of
the Primary Literature as the ONLY interpretation, and if modern science
of philosophy (including Mendelian Genetics) points to another
interpretation, then it must be the science and philosophy that's wrong.

	Bart Lidofsky

ambain wrote:
> > In short, the TS has become a closed, inbred organization that seems
> unable
> > to come to grips with the fact that the world is so much different
> from the
> > world of the founders that they would not recognize themselves as even
> being
> > on the same planet.
> >
> > Chuck the Heretic
> Chuck - you have cracked it!  The Truth what there is no religion higher
> than.  Your status as a heretic is in serious doubt - I hope you realise
> this.

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