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Re: December 13, 1999 - Jerry (and Murray)

Dec 13, 1999 09:22 PM
by kymsmith

Jerry wrote:

>Sorry Kym, but I agree with Murray. Each
>"body" is a manifestation of preceding ones
>from divinity down to the physical, the
>ultimate Cause being the divine Monad.

I'm sorry back, Jerry, because I fear I may have come across wrongly in my
post to Murray.  What I meant to imply was that Murray explained the
"etheric body" in a logical and persuasive way - thereby altering my
thinking regarding the etheric body and its function.

My quip about God and Santa was intended to show that if someone like God,
who is supposed to know everything, says there is a Santa, then it has to
be so;  therefore, Murray's knowledge and grasp of the subject seemed
encompassing enough to where one (or me) is obliged to re-think their own

There really is a link in that analogy. . .somewhere, but it's there.

So, I do agree with you and Murray. . .for now. . .!


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