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Call me Ms. Gates

Dec 11, 1999 00:33 AM
by kymsmith

Dear All,

The December 10th digest - you know, the one where Maureen used caps and
JRC decoded his name so we know he's not CIA, and where Chuck thinks this
list is getting weird - was just too good!  I lit up a cigarette, downed
two or three (could have been four) Hostess Ding Dongs, and read the entire
list more than once.  Why, my thigh is sore from slapping it so frequently
and my cheeks (facial ones) are throbbing.

Down with "snuggling," up with CAPS, and go for the weird!

Anyone for betting on who will triumph?  Post me privately - minimum wager
is two hundred dollars (American).  Choose the weirdest theos poster and
the money pot is yours (my posts do NOT qualify as they are never weird -
but everyone else is fair game).

Humans.  Who knew?

Kym the Bookie

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