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Re: JRC -In from the Cold

Dec 10, 1999 07:22 AM
by JRC

> Well!  Scintillating psychological analysis!  But now I know what it
takes to
> bring you in from the cold!

I have no idea what you mean - this isn't, couldn't be, a subtle
criticism, could it? Not a, um, veiled personal *attack*? No of course
it couldn't be. We follow the golden rule here.

> (hiding behind the anonymity of my initials)

If this refers to my "JRC" ... then (as most on the list know) my name
is John R. Crocker. I don't "hide" behind my initials, but rather, work
in the internet industry, write dozens of - sometimes over a hundred -
emails everyday, and long ago stopped bothering to write out my whole
name. And simply don't think my personality is that important
anyway. -JRC

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