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Re: Answer to Arnaldo

Dec 09, 1999 06:43 PM
by ambain

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> From: Maureen T Fitzgerald <>

> PS Before I forget, I will ask Alan a question I'm not expected to -
in your
> recent posting to Grigor you said "Although this is technically 'off
topic' for
> theos-1 may I thank you for this post."   Are there rules about "off
topics?"  I
> sincerely hope not, I would dearly miss Kym's quirky sense of humour
as the two
> of you make your charming exchanges! (So sorry, the devil made me do

No rules, but perhaps general guidelines.  Grigor did not appear to me
to connect his post (which I found valuable) to theosophy, and this is a
theosophy list.  No big deal here, as it *is* an unmoderated list, and
Grigor can post whatever he likes!

Alan, aka Alan the Evil

(At least you know I read your post all the way to the end!)

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