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Re: theos-l digest: December 08, 1999

Dec 09, 1999 04:53 PM
by Hazarapet

In a message dated 12/9/99 3:41:11 AM Central Standard Time, writes:

Kym writes

> Grigor wrote:
>  >Well, then those of us isolated from Adyar during Soviet years might
>  >be lucky in that regard.  Again, coming out of a time capsule, the whole
>  >Krishnamurti thing appears to show what had already gone wrong in Adyar
>  >TS under AB and CWL as a progressive disorder.
>  I did not always think this way, but I have now come to believe that Annie
>  Besant's belief about Krishnamurti being something akin to a "chosen one"
>  is not any different than those who want desperately to believe that Jesus,
>  Mohammad, Buddha, et. al, are people 'not of this world.'

I would say there are people "not of this world."  It divides the ethically
under-motivated from the ethically hyper-motivated.  People want to
believe in such, because they do not believe in themselves.  To be a
Buddha is everyone's potential.

>  So many people
>  wish to have a "messiah"


>   - I see the 'Theosophical Masters' as part of that
>  phenomena as well.  For many people Krishnamurti, Jesus, Buddha, the
>  Masters, all provide hope and a glimpse into further Truth for some people
>  - which, in itself and taken in with a discerning mind is not such a bad
>  thing.  Humans need and want someone who is "different" - someone who
>  provides them something they cannot seem to find elsewhere.

Some humans wish clues as to how to awaken.  Some wish not to be bothered.
>  Annie Besant's betrayal of her own beliefs and moral system regarding
>  Leadbeater, though, is distressing.  I honestly believe she thought he was
>  guilty and that something should have been done.  But, perhaps, she was too
>  afraid of what it might do to the movement itself.  She bucked the system
>  once, and her husband ended up taking her children from her - I am sure
>  part of that profound fear of loss remained.  The human part of us and the
>  spiritual part of us are continually in conflict - and the human often
>  seems to "win."  Besant must now, in some way, carry forward and correct
>  the harm done by someone she respected - just as some humans must correct
>  the harm done by their own loved ones to others.  All who remain silent in
>  cases of child abuse (or any abuse) are, in some way, responsible for the
>  abuse.

Welcome to the matrix or hypnomata philodoxia.

>  Being human is a tough and rough road; a messy business.  I don't recommend
>  it to anyone.

Now you say something I can wholly agree with.  But I add it is immense
privilege to be such.  There may be secret in the human being the universe
has not seen before.
I could cite references but I just had 12 hour flight in wrong direction to
arrive "perky"?!


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