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Re: theos-l digest: December 06, 1999

Dec 08, 1999 02:16 AM
by kymsmith

Bart wrote:

>	While scientists have connected certain chromosones with statistical
>tendencies, they have yet to link any specific chromosone with any
>specific behavior. Also, we don't know what makes a person incarnate in
>a body, although Theosophical writings at least imply that the etheric
>body helps shape the physical body (including the chromosones).

In what way does the etheric body "shape" the physical body?  I was under
the impression that the etheric body 'maintained' the physical body, but
not that it was involved in its construction or shaping.  And if the
etheric body is responsible for shaping the chromosones, then is the
etheric body responsible for defects in chromosones as well?  If a person
is born mentally retarded (possessed of an extra chromosone), did the
etheric body boo-boo?

It would seem to me that the etheric body works with what is already there
- such as in healing and as a sensor/monitor/reflector of what is going on
the body; but the etheric seems to enter AFTER the creation of a form.  I
mean, even a television set, when turned on, has an etheric form - but did
the etheric create the television set?


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