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December 02, 1999 - Grigor

Dec 03, 1999 05:24 PM
by kymsmith

Grigor wrote:

>Obviously very fortunate, huh?  Because state told comrade Grigor he go
>to school far from family, comrade Grigor miss birth and death of eldest
>daughter.  Because state told comrade physicist Grigor he would not leave
>project to tend dying wife until project complete, comrade Grigor got to
>visit grave 2 years after she
>gone.  So then comrade Grigor then use state to go places to study forbidden
>subjects under cover of consulting on state project.

I am sincerely saddened to hear that you have lost both your wife and
daughter - two of the hardest losses a person can face.  You have
definitely been tried in this life and have endured and survived great pain.

No, I've never thought that someone would NOT want a degree; so you've
opened my eyes there.

Thank you for sharing and for the lesson.


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