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Re: theos-l digest:Maureen to MKR

Dec 03, 1999 07:26 AM
by Maureen T Fitzgerald

Dear MKR,

You make some excellent points.  I will keep my focus on freedom of thought and
freedom of expression, and as you aptly express it, this is only possible in an
unfettered and unfiltered and uncensored discussion.  I have put the
Krishnamurti on my reading list, and your pointer let me find this thought for
the day, so it is quite true that you never  know when a spark will create a
fire.  Here is their quote of the day:

Daily Inspirations From Of The Goddess Ltd.

                        "Recognizing there is a hidden
                          spiritual treasure within the maze
                          of every religion, the smart seeker
                          will make use of the maps that have
                          been drawn by great pathfinders.
                          Treasure hunters would be foolish
                          to burn down the library. "

                          - Sam Keen - Hymns To An Unknown God

Have a wonderful day.


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