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Re: theos-l digest: December 01, 1999-to all

Dec 03, 1999 06:39 AM
by JRC

> This is no excuse for some of the e-mails here. I was also
> unhappy with JRC's e-mail about Kym. I think he must have
> had some emotional breakdown or something. Also I was
> thinking it might also be a joke ...

Ha! Everything I say is half a joke - but I truly love this - after
saying nothing other than the fact that I was actually impressed with
the learning of another Theosophist (horrible! horrible!), and
characterizing Randy (who more than one person has found to be too much
of a pain in the ass to even bother to answer anymore) as a child
stamping his feet, and listening to Kym then make an extremely snide
comment pointedly directed at Grigor and myself, I then shoot off an
off-the-cuff response, and this is apparently evidence of a "breakdown".
Scintillating psychological analysis! -JRC

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