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Re: theos-l digest: October 27, 1999

Oct 28, 1999 07:30 AM
by JRC

> To JRC - Yeah, I attempted to look up "poiesis" also, but did not find a
> listing for it.  Now that I know its meaning, the word is definitely a
> keeper.  Don't tell anyone, but I was hoping there was really no such word
> - finding such errors in people's assertions cuddles me in
> self-righteousness that is as comfy as cashmere.  But, this time, alas, it
> was not meant to be. . ..  Guess I'll have to settle for the second rate
> high of "learning something new."

Ach! You, a philosophy major, haven't heard of poiesis?!!! What are they
teaching kids these days (-:).
Go to <>  ...  "Poiesis" is the name of a
major online philosophical search & research tool ... indexes and allows
searching of 50 or 60 different academic philosophical publications. Sort of
the "Lexis-Nexus" of philosophy. -JRC

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