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Randy to Kym/forest floor

Oct 25, 1999 04:39 AM
by WLR7D

Kym-You have missed the point.  When  we are born, our genes expect that
we(figuratively please)  would be dropped onto the forest floor.  I was
trying to explain genetic context.  This has nothing to do with biopoiesis
from the ocean.

It does not make me "feel good" to recognize that we are designed to eat
other creatures.  I do expect though that it makes you feel good(even
superior) to impose your artificial ethic about not eating animal products(an
ethical luxury afforded only be modern food processing and distribution) upon
the natural order.  Unfortunately, nature will not be impressed and will
exact a health toll upon those who live in discord with her.  Oneness is not
just spiritual abstraction, but is also grounded in the laws of nature.

It's very simple, you were designed to eat foods which could be eaten raw
exactly as found in nature.  Picture yourself in the woods having to feed a
family and see what you come up with.

Convince me otherwise with some good science, medicine and logic or you lose.
 And, there is nothing wrong with admitting such a loss.  It is even
spiritually correct.

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