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Response to Randy

Oct 23, 1999 03:10 AM
by kymsmith

Dear Randy,

>Why is the world based upon carnivorism?  Even in a broader sense all life
>depends for its sustenance on the destruction of other life.  Even
>vegetarians are killers.
>Why would whoever is responsible for the world create such atrocity when so
>many other options would be available to someone with omnipotence.?

I ask the same questions you ask and have yet to find a completely
acceptable answer.  Through my own readings, I have come to the tentative
conclusion that carnivorism, suffering, pain, and the like is because:

a) The creator of this universe was imperfect - NOT omnipotent, did not
comprehend perfect love, did not understand perfect compassion.

b) All living beings, bugs to animals to humans, because of an imperfect
creator, have "adopted" these imperfections which can manifest themselves
in ugly ways (murder, rape, carnivorism, etc.)

c) The only thing that will allow the beings of this universe to SURPASS
their imperfect parent creator is that the geniunely Divine spark of the
Most High God which lurks within all beings.

d) Our imperfect parent is evolving along with us - learning about its
mistakes as we learn about our own and our creator's mistakes.

e) We can evolve zillions of times, but until every being understands that
the creator of this world - masking as God of the bible, Quran, etc - is
not our TRUE parent, beings will continue to engage in atrocious behavior.

A truly Compassionate and Omnipotent God most certainly could have created
a universe where bloodshed is UNNECESSARY to survival.  And any truly
Compassionate and Omnipotent God WOULD have.  So, in order to cope with
life, I dismiss the God of the bible as the Most High God and recognize it
to be a god of a "lower rung."  Each of us has the capacity, and are even
promised in spiritual writings, to create our own worlds according to our
knowledge - so why is it so easy to overlook the fact that the creator of
this universe may be only an enlightened being, but not a perfected one -
not the MOST HIGH GOD?

I am sure there are other worlds which are bloodless and bloodier -
depending upon their creator.  I do not believe that Earth or this universe
is the be all and end all.  I'm ticked that I wasn't "born" from a more
enlightened creator, but it seems, even in the spiritual world, we may not
be "allowed" to choose our parents.  Who knows.  I'm attempting to
communicate with the Divine spark within and have made the god of the bible
little more than a respected buddy (this creator, did after all, do
something I'm not yet capable of doing, but was arrogant enough to think
he/she/it could do it right - like all of us, I suppose).

But anyway, Randy, I applaud your questions.  I've asked them a hundred
times myself - still do.  My philosophy may not help you, but it, at least,
gets me through another day.  I mean, who would WANT a creator who created
the need for carnivorism as the Most High God?  Not me and I shall not
cowtow, worship, pray, or dance to such a creator.  I'll sleep with the
devil first - at least I know where he/she/it is coming from.  And when the
false god named the devil actually evolves into a enlightened, loving god,
his/her/its creation will probably one of the best.  He/she/it will truly
understand both sides.  Maybe that's the trick.  And that's not comforting,

Oh, and about the karma stuff - I believe all karma came AFTERWARDS, so it
is not the CAUSE of suffering, only the extender of it.  Karma is the lack
of recognition of our True Parent.


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