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Re: carnivorism question

Oct 22, 1999 06:19 AM
by WLR7D

Alan--That was some excellent stuff.  I understand but am trying to take
things as far as I reasonably can.  I'm content with the fact that I will be
frustrated in finding out all the answers.  Well, content is not the right
word.  I guess resigned like I'm pretty sure I'm never going to be able to
jump high enough to slam dunk.  Sure wish I could though.  Must be a little
bit of earthly nirvana up there above the rim.

So whats's wrong with cannabalism?  We are the perfect food for one another.

Accounts of communication with the dead, NDEs, etc., are what recently moved
me off my nihilistic bent.  It would seem that an assembly and concatenation
of all information gathered from the other world(s) would be most
enlightening.  Know of such a thing?

A compelling argument can be made that you are genetically programmed as a
carnivore.  There is also much evidence clinically that this is true since
you will increase your risk of various diseases by abstaining from animal
products.  Wish it were not that way but it is.

Just want to keep you kickin til I have cannabalized the rest of your brain.


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