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RE: carnivorism question

Oct 21, 1999 03:47 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Oct 21


Get a text on basic bodily structure and physiology 101 -- what causes
the cells to die and then be carted away in the blood stream ?  What
cause their replacement ?  How is the entire digestion, respiration,
blood circulation, etc.. set of cycles done in the body.  What in the
earth is the "Water cycle?"  the "Nitrogen cycle ?" etc...  why do
things repeat analogetically ?

Like most of us we accept but do not investigate, or the power of the
obvious intelligence in nature and in cooperative and interactive
working would be obvious to you as well as to me -- but it would seem
that so far it has not been your area of study, as it has mine, ever
since I took science courses in college.  Hermes of ancient Egypt
said:  "Man know thyself."  It is a worthwhile study?

Why do you ask questions and offer opinions?  Are you seeking for
actual knowledge, or trying to see if you can find those who agree
with you ? -- And what are your tenets?  How do you visualize your
existence vis a vis the Earth.  What is Life for you, and for the rest
of us ?  Where do you think we are all going?

To me, it is perfectly clear that I am a RESPONSIBLE being.  and I
live amid other such. beings.
Some have an intelligence comparable to mine, some are of a lesser
attainment, and some I can easily see are far superior to that level
which I am seeing to reach even now.

I therefore study my own make-up.  And I divide it into:

1. Physical body.
2.  Astral body on which the physical is molded.
3.  Life principles borrowed from nature.
4.  Desire and Passion principle (Kama).
5.  Mind (Manas) principle with which I investigate, think, inquire,
doubt, remember, forget, imagine, fancy, etc...
6.  Buddhi-Wisdom -- or the gathered supply of memories of the past
which speak of the totality of my experience as an Immortal Being.
7.  Atma the "Ray" from the One Universal SPIRIT-- I conceive that
this "ray" resides in me and that Wisdom (Buddhi) must be its mirror
and vehicle.  It is the source of my sense of immortality.  and that I
perceive with Manas-mind the 5th "principle."  I also hold that this
is a general description of each  human being, and further we can
trace these 7 divisions in all of nature's creatures that live with us
and interact with us..

Therefore, what I present are the conclusions that emerge from that
and which are supplemented by my study of the Theosophical
propositions and doctrines.

My sole testimony as to their usefulness need only stimulate you to
try and demonstrate them to yourself.  There is no other sure way in
which anyone can do any proving of anything to themselves.

As to sex.  To me it is basic that it has one definitude purpose and
that is to produce children.

If I am responsible for that along with someone of the opposite sex,
then the only way in which I/we could do that sex-act, would be if we
agree to establish a bond that will last for a life-time of mutual
assistance and cooperation.

If we also have children it becomes our joint responsibility to give
them support, protection and education.  Any other approach is (in my
way of understanding) only that of irresponsibility and selfishness in
the extreme.  I deplore the various attempts that have been made to
apparently do away with the "responsibility" aspect of such a
relationship in favor of immoderate "enjoyment."

I think that a good definition of "fun" and "pleasure" ought to be
attempted.  How is that done in a universe that is run by laws of
responsibility.  I repeat what I said:  If you think that this is an
entirely irresponsible and promiscuous Universe, then what I write
will have no meaning to you.  But it might have the effect of getting
you to realize that there are other points of view.  If so, why so ?



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Dallas please see attached re your response to carnivorism and sex.

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