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Re: near-death experience

Oct 20, 1999 04:42 PM
by Cybercmh

In a message dated 10/20/1999 12:06:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Randy writes:

<< Christine--would you relate your near-death experience please.  Thanks,
Randy >>

I haven't had any near-death experiences per se, although I've had a couple
of what I consider "mystical" experiences, where I perceived a direct
connection or communication with a divine Energy, something I call God.  It's
really hard to describe, except that at those few moments, I absolutely
*knew* that a God exists, to the point that somebody could have shot me dead
on the spot and I wouldn't have minded.  I haven't had any lately, and keenly
feel the difference - although I can't imagine dealing with daily, mundane
reality in a constant state of divine ecstasy.  I suppose a few saints have
pulled it off.  My grandmother once wrote to me that she had a near-death
experience, and was convinced by it that "we cannot die."  I have also had a
few experiences that I would characterize as psychic or telepathic, further
evidence that there's more to the mystery we call life than meets the eye.

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