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Some Free Counseling for Frank

Oct 14, 1999 06:11 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>I was merely quoting G. de Purucker. No wonder you hate
the followers of GdeP>>

Frank, you are taking the words of G de P (whose "followers"
are Pasadena TS) way too seriously. This is normaly a
classic indication of obsession-compulsion as well as
fanaticism. Your defense is to denigrate psychology using
emotion rather than facts, which is also a classic type of
resistance.  When people have differences, and an observer
sees the people on one side as the "good" guys and the
other side the "bad" guys, then that observer is often projecting
and has a shadow problem that needs professional
help.  Unfortunately most such observers won't accept
the idea that there is anything wrong with them preferring
to blame anyone and everyone else. This is typical
borderline personality disorder behavior. I don't think I can
help you Frank. Sorry, but if you persist in your hate-filled
attitude, you will have to find your own way...

Otherwise, have a nice day.

Jerry S.

PS.  Although I can't help you, I will nevertheless
refuse to let you flame honest and decent people.
Everyone on this list has the right to defend people
or positions that that feel are under attack. I have
found myself defending CWL simply because no one
else would, and he couldn't.  In the same way, I
will defend Conger. I do not see his actions as either
good or bad (which are cultural and social labels
that encourage emotion and hide truth) but rather
that he did what he felt he had to do under the
circumstances at the time.  Many people thought
badly of Blavatsky when she insisted that members
sign that infamous pledge (its in CW Vol XII) and
she was attacked with the very same words that
Frank is using now against Conger. Frank has
what I call selective compassion, as do most
people.  Hopefully the Theosophical Movement
will slowly change this attitude into a universal
compassion for all people, but its clear that we
are not there yet.

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