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Re: In support of

Oct 12, 1999 05:02 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Alan wrote:
> > Alan wrote:
> > > Noted.  Homosexual theosophists are, so I have heard, STRONGLY against
> > > the Esoteric Section and Radha Burnier.  One time homosexuals of both
> > > (or any) sexes were benevolently regarded in theosophy as between
> > > genders by reason of being in transition from male to female or vice
> > > versa on the way to the next incarnation.
> >
> > My uncle, whom I loved deeply, was a gay activist. Kind of hard to have
> > anti-homosexual feelings when you used to love one (the popular term in
> > the U.S. is "straight but not narrow").
> >
> What then. Bart, ws the point of your heavy emphasis regarding Radha
> Burnier's views, tied to the fact that she heads the Esoteric Section?

	Because if sections declare too publicly that they allow homosexual
members, Radha may decide to take action against them.

	Bart Lidofsky

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