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Re: Response to Frank's Version of TS History

Oct 12, 1999 09:35 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

> >>Conger kicked the old Point Loma students out because they knew too much
> for his plans to dissolute the TS and change the theos. doctrines (which
> followed the Original Programme from HPB onwards) into his black
> make-believe. Conger did much more to destroy the TM than Coloumb, Collins
> and Coues together.>>
> The only response I can think of here is FLAPDOODLE.
> Do you check under your bed at night before going to sleep, Frank?
> Jerry S.

As you like blind belief or merely psychic beliefs in the Conger and Long
style (the last your great teacher) your reaction is in no way surprising
because against
statements of truth about bad events of which there are unnumbered
eye-witnesses - there remains only the personal attack.
Coloumb, Collins and Coues - are the first three "Co's" of the deadly
enemies of the true pukka Theosophy of HPB. Conger was the 4th - therefore
his dissolutions
have had a greater success than the attacks of the first three ones.
HPB NEVER- NEVER forced her members to blind belief in her authority
combined with the threat to cancel their membership - as Conger did, claming
to be
the messenger of the same Masters. But such Masters which force the people
to drop thinking, to drop their free will and to threat them with canceling
of the
membership are regarded in the unaltered true Theosophy as Mamos and surely
NOT as representatives of the White Lodge.

The true reason for glassing over the Conger affair and for misleading and
twisted statements in the Alan Donant style is simple: When the story one
day will be
covered up by recent Theosophist who seek for Truth (and in my humble view
have a RIGHT TO KNOW) - then is would be crystal clear that the new TS
that Conger launched (the Pasadena "Theosophical" Society) was build on lies
from the first day on. Add the faking of the theosophical books over the
decades by Pasadena (lead by Conger, Long and Knoche) and one knows why they
always shout: "Compassion, Peace" if a undaunted researcher covers up the
affair. It's equal to the Anthrophosophic Society which began under lies -
so they are forced to remain to the lies until days, otherwise such
Societies would soon break away.
No TS is higher than the TRUTH.
Hate the hate and love the love. And the love for truth.

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