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Re: in person or virtual?

Oct 11, 1999 08:59 PM
by Cybercmh

In a message dated 10/11/1999 12:02:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< I agree.  Much "head" learning can be done by Internet study, but only
 by being in the presence of a teacher can The Teaching - by whatever
 name - be truly communicated.

Wow, I have to agree too, even though I recognize the marvelous benefits of
the Internet in allowing people to communicate who would never do so
otherwise, and allowing people who have similar interests to find each other.
 But - I remember a man I once knew who fell in love with a woman over the
Internet, via e-mail, and was convinced he wanted to marry her before meeting
her.  Well, in one weekend of meeting her, the whole thing fell apart -
apparently, she was living with another man and was using this guy just to
make the other one jealous.  All things that were not apparent in e-mail but
became obvious in just two days in person.  I'm not equating spirituality
with romance, but I think a similar dynamic may operate, in that you can get
to know only part of a person via e-mail, but you may think you know more
than you do, because it is easy to put only one's best self forward in
writing, and leave out all the nasty habits of mind and personality that may
afflict one, and may hurt one's relationships in the "flesh."  Some folks
sound just great on paper, but spend a little time with them and you'll be
begging for mercy!
Just my "two cents" and the voice of some experience.

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